With love from our home to your hearts……

About us

We are Agnieszka & Gillian and we are Wheelkidz, a new company created with all our love.

We are two best friends and mums, living in Ireland, who dreamt for many years about creating our own business. Just like you, we have also welcomed our new baby “Wheelkidz into  the world.

We will continue to nurture, protect & cherish it as this is truly a ‘Labour of love’ for us.

We believe that all children should be supported, encouraged, challenged and loved unconditionally in order to build the best foundation for their future. As  children are so unique with their individual abilities, disabilities, personality traits, dreams, aspirations and hopes, they all deserve a unique space to grow and place to feel special in.

We think that one of the greatest gifts we could give our little one’s was the very best start in life and to create a warm, safe, happy, home filled with all the love that they deserve.

We wanted to make their every day, in every way… truly beautiful.

We want you to have what we would want in our own homes…

Only the most luxurious, sumptuous, unique, beautiful, safe & comfortable products for your precious little bundle.

Let Wheelkidz  help you design that space & share with us your great new big adventure.

Agnieszka  &  Gillian…


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