Snooze Sacs

Our snazzy Snooze Sac is the epitome of comfortable slumber. These beautiful Snooze Sacs are so luxurious and allow for greater freedom of movement for your baby whilst they’re sleeping. The Snooze Sac has the advantage of having an all-round soft zip fastening. This allows you to comfortably & easily change your baby during the night. As our Snooze Sac does not have sleeves, this protects against your baby from overheating and does not restrict their movements.

Our three-layer Snooze Sac is made of a 100% high-quality cotton fabric whilst the inner layers are made from a special filling of fluffy silicone nonwoven cotton. The fleece is Ökotex certified

Our Snooze Sacs are 75 cm (L) and are suitable for children from birth to 12 months old.

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